Counterpoint Software Affiliates Feature

Key Benefits

  • Imports station information from BIA, M Street, Act 1, or other databases
  • Stores station personnel names, titles, and phone, fax, and email addresses
  • Records agreement terms between networks and their affiliates
  • Provides station filtering to prospect for future affiliations
  • Maintains a history of all call letter changes
  • Delivers logs to affiliates via multiple methods
  • Delivers ISCI code information to multiple station audio suppliers
  • Accepts aired spot times from affiliates via multiple methods
  • Produces reports to track station clearance and compliance
  • Interfaces to email and faxing systems for easy communication with stations

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Counterpoint's Affiliate Tracking System creates an electronic version of the relationship between networks and their affiliates, delivering accurate spot and copy information to stations, and helping networks verify affiliate compliance. The Affiliate Tracking System stores all station information including contacts, markets, formats, ownership, and multicasting, along with the terms of the contract between stations and networks, including declaration and pledge information.

Affiliates can be set up to air spots at exact times, within a predetermined ROS window, or a combination of methods. There are log and affidavit delivery formats to fit any network/station delivery relationship.

broadcast software management tool

A big part of the Affiliate Tracking system is Counterpoint's Affiliate Relationship Management System. It gives your Affiliate Sales department access to information about prospective affiliate stations. It gives your Affiliate Service department access to compliance information about every spot aired in the past year online, and further back via reports. Mass emails can be sent to selected groups of stations, by title, and individual emails can be sent to specific people at specific stations. A comprehensive note-taking system is included, to keep track of all calls, faxes, and emails to stations.

The basic Affiliate Tracking system includes the ability to print or fax affiliate logs to stations, and to manually record their return as affidavits.  Counterpoint also provides the ability to send logs and receive affidavits electronically, by adding the Electronic Affidavits system to the Affiliate Tracking system.

The Affiliate Tracking system is also the doorway to other Counterpoint features, such as Split Copy, and interfaces to audio delivery systems such as XDS, Wegener, IDC, and Mr. Master.

How You Use It

  • Start with our Traffic System and Affiliate Systems - add station information and station contacts
  • Add network/station agreements and pledges
  • Note the method of delivery - manual (faxing or emailing)
    Let Counterpoint do the rest!

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